PSG and Bayern, two giants on the bench

Bayern Munich and PSG, the last two Champions League finalists in Lisbon, are not among the 12 clubs that have chosen to break with UEFA to create the European Super League. In any case, the founders (six English, Manchester United, Manchester City, Tottenham, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool; three Spanish, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atlético; and three Italians, Juventus, Milan and Inter) would be joined by three teams guests who, precisely, could be the champion and runner-up of the last edition of the Champions League, plus Borussia Dortmund. PSG remains silent, while at Dortmund its president, Hans-Joachim Watzke spoke, and at Bayern its general director, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, did the same.

Rummenigge, who will replace Andrea Agnelli (Juventus) on the executive committee of the European Club Association (ECA), said: “We are convinced that the current football model guarantees a serious base. Bayern welcomes the Champions League reforms because we believe it is the right step for the development of European football. The modified preliminary round will help to generate more tension and excitement in the competition. I don’t think the Super League is going to solve the economic problems of European clubs derived from the coronavirus. Rather, all clubs in Europe should work in solidarity to ensure that the cost structure, especially the salaries of the players and the fees of the advisers, is adjusted to the income so that all European football is more rational.

Watzke joined those opposed to the new competition: “The opinion of the ECA board of directors was that plans to found a Super League were rejected.” He added: “The two German clubs that are represented on the ECA Board of Directors, FC Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, represented 100% consistent views in all discussions.” The two greats of German football stick together. “I don’t think the Super League is good for European football,” said Hansi Flick, coach of the Bavarian team.

The Germans look askance at the Super League. A senior leader of one of the two giants of Germany, however, is not so clear if they should stay out of the project: “If the ship sails, you have to be on board. Bayern and Borussia cling to caution. They are concerned about both the economic consequences of staying out of the Super League and the social discredit of forget of the Bundesliga.

The German Federation (DFB) and the German Soccer League (DFL) welcomed the creation of the European Super League with great consternation. “Let us present our solidarity to UEFA and its president. At the same time, we support all countermeasures announced by FIFA and UEFA and by the nation leagues and federations. We are aware that this may affect German international players who are under Super League team contracts (for example, Toni Kroos from Real Madrid and Ter Stegen from FC Barcelona). We are talking about soccer as a popular sport. We cannot allow the financial interests of a few clubs to lead to the abolition of structures of proven solvency. Football in Europe also lives that each club can measure itself against the best on the continent. That dream should not be replaced by a practically closed society. National leagues are the foundation of professional soccer, its popularity and its strength in society. It is irresponsible and inadmissible to put this communion at stake. In the face of the crisis, football must represent solidarity instead of selfishness ”, announced, in a joint statement, the DFB and the DFL.

PSG, for its part, has not made a public statement. “We are not inside, we are not part of that,” say sources close to the top of the Paris club. The PSG board of directors and their coach remain silent. But on the other hand, Ander Herrera has spoken, who since last season has played for the club in the French capital. “I fell in love with popular football, with the football of the fans, with the dream of seeing the team of my heart compete against the greatest. If this European Super League advances, those dreams are over, the illusions of the fans of teams that are not giants can win the right to play in the best competitions on the field. I love football and I can’t keep quiet about this. I believe in an improved Champions League, but not in the rich stealing what the people created, which is nothing more than the most beautiful sport on the planet ”, published the Spanish footballer.

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