Pros and cons of the proposed abolition of the away goal rule

UEFA is apparently considering abolishing the away goals rule in the Champions League, Europa League and Conference League. Would that be a good decision or a bad one? The pros and cons.

by Nino Duit

The evidence is short: With the away goals rule that has been in effect up to now, a club can reach a final without having won a single game in the course of the tournament. Home always nice 0: 0, away then 1: 1 or maybe 2: 2. No, this scheme is illogical and not in the sense of a fair competition, which should actually determine the best team.

It wasn’t at the time of its introduction in 1965, when traveling away, especially in European competitions, was actually long and arduous, the accommodations were far removed from today’s luxury and sometimes even different balls were used. It is still today when all these factors no longer play a role.

Pro: The abolition of the away goal rule would be correct

Speaking of extra time: The away goals rule in its previous form is illogical during regular time, but it is fair. It applies equally to both teams. If it goes into overtime, it is even unfair. Because then one of the two teams benefits a total of 30 minutes longer from the fact that a goal scored counts twice in the event of a tie.

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