Premier League: injury to Rui Patricio, hit in the head, interrupts Wolverhampton – Liverpool for 15 minutes

Rui patricio
With his side trailed by a goal by Liverpool two minutes before the start of added time, Wolverhampton goalkeeper Rui Patricio remained on the ground for more than 10 minutes after a shock to the head. The long intervention of the trainers interrupted the meeting in a heavy climate, which finally ended with a score of 1-0 in favor of the Reds. The Portuguese was evacuated on a stretcher.

Rarely has the atmosphere of a late match been so heavy. In a cathedral silence, hardly masked by artificial chants, the players of Liverpool and Wolverhampton remained planted on the lawn while waiting for Rui Patricio to be evacuated on a stretcher. KO after a shock to the head with the knee of his teammate Conor Coady, the Portuguese goalkeeper remained lying on the ground, motionless, for more than 10 minutes. A respirator mask was even placed on his mouth by the trainers according to the photos transmitted from the meeting.

Because the director of the match decided not to replay the images of the shock for the sake of decency and it is through the worried eyes of the actors on the lawn that the viewers remained in expectation. The game finally resumed and ended with a clock flirting with 110 minutes of play. Liverpool retained their 1-0 lead, pushing them up to 6th place in the Premier League. Minutes after the final whistle, Wolves manager Nuno Espirito Santos said that Patricio “was ok, aware and remembered what happened. He’s conscious and the doctors tell me he’s fine“.

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