Premier League concludes new billion-dollar deal

The English Premier League has struck a remarkable TV deal in times of pandemic. The richest league in the world receives from its four television partners (Sky Sports, BT Sport, Amazon Prime Video and BBC Sports) again 4.7 billion pounds (5.5 billion euros) for the period 2022 to 2025 and therefore does not have to accept any financial losses.

The new agreement was made possible by the British government, which, despite all antitrust concerns, allowed the usual new tendering of rights to be circumvented in favor of a contract extension. In the event of a new award, experts had predicted a drop in income of a whopping 500 to 900 million pounds (581 million to 1.05 billion euros).

The government’s approval was made easier by a bonus payment of a further 100 million pounds (116 million euros) over four years – in addition to the 140 million pounds (163 million euros) already earmarked for each season. The money is intended to benefit over 1000 grassroots clubs that were particularly hard hit by the corona damage, as well as research, fan and anti-discrimination work.

According to media reports, the pandemic has already cost the English clubs two billion pounds (2.32 billion euros). Against this background, Premier League boss Richard Masters emphasized that the contract extension “reduces uncertainty, ensures stability and increases confidence in the football pyramid”.

In the course of the deal, there will also be a relief for the European Cup participants: BT Sport announced that it will postpone the much-criticized game on Saturday afternoon for the clubs concerned.

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