Portugal lifts restrictions: freedom of travel for English before the Champions League final

The English fans will enjoy the hoped-for freedom of travel at the Champions League final, which has been relocated to Porto. A good two weeks before the duel between Manchester City and Chelsea FC (May 29), the Portuguese government cleared the way on Friday and lifted the corona restrictions imposed in January on travelers from Great Britain.

These can now come into the country on presentation of a negative PCR test.

A government spokeswoman said on Thursday that this decision would remain to be seen for the time being. For tourism in Portugal it is now an important step, British travelers represent “an important market for our country”, said the responsible minister Rita Mendes of the news agency AFP. Additional flights are to be offered as early as Monday.

The final of the premier class had been moved from the Turkish metropolis of Istanbul to Porto because Turkey is classified as a high-risk area by the British authorities. The travel options for the teams and especially the fans would have been severely restricted.

In Porto, the Estadio do Dragao is now being played, the site of the home games of FC Porto and numerous games of the 2004 European Championship. 6000 tickets will be made available to the fan camps of both clubs.

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