Police eviction of the Salamanca pavilion in the middle of the final of the Women’s League to comply with the curfew

The first game of the final of the Women’s Basketball League between Perfumerías Avenida de Salamanca and Valencia Basket was initially scheduled for this Thursday at 9:00 p.m., but the Castilian club negotiated with those responsible for the competition and with the television operator to advance it and thus be able to count on the 33% capacity allowed by the regulations. As a result of the talks, an hour was gained and the start was set at 8:00 p.m., but the readjustment proved insufficient. The match dragged on, it went into extra time with a tie at 56, and basketball gave way to an unprecedented image in the Würzburg municipal hall. At 9:45 p.m., coinciding with the end of regulation time, the Police entered the stands to urge the 650 spectators who witnessed the final to leave the venue so as not to violate the curfew due to the pandemic, set in Castilla y León at 22.00.

The confusion over the situation moved to the track and the Avenida players were left without the support of their fans for extra time. With a 2 + 1 with three seconds remaining in overtime, Raquel Carrera, the protagonist of the Eurocup conquest 20 days ago, decided on an even match from start to finish. Valencia Basket signs up for the first round of the Endesa Women’s League final, which will continue this Sunday, May 2, at La Fonteta at 12.30 pm, without risk of eviction. The match in Salamanca ended around 10:15 p.m. From the Salamanca club they explain that, although they were aware of the tight schedule, they understood that the ticket to the game (sold at a single price of 5 euros) could serve as an excuse so that the fans who had left the pavilion at that time were not fined for breaching the curfew band. But the Police acted preventively and evacuated the stands in advance, in strict compliance with the restrictions imposed by the Junta de Castilla y León.

The capacity of the municipal pavilion of Würzburg is 2,900 spectators and the current norm allows the attendance of 900 people, but from the club the figure was lowered to offer more guarantees of safety and space between fans. If there was a third match in the final, it would be played again in Würbzurg, on Thursday, May 6 at 7:00 p.m., also with the presence of fans. All the matches are broadcast on Teledeporte. Many Salamanca fans showed their protest through social networks for the police intervention claiming that, after 10 pm, there were people in the center of the city and terraces in the process of being dismantled in the bar area.

Strictly sports, the fight between Avenida (Euroleague runner-up) and Valencia Basket (Eurocup champion) responded to expectations. It was the third meeting between the two teams so far this season and, for the third time, it was resolved in extra time. Injury time, with no audience in the stands, began with a 0-4 run for Valencia (56-60) that was quickly returned by Perfumerías with 6-0 (62-60). A pulse of maximum equality in which the Avenida was not enough with the contribution of Tiffany Hayes and the Samuelson sisters. In the decisive section, the determination and talent of Raquel Carrera appeared again, the best of the night with 19 points and 12 rebounds. With a steal and a 2 + 1, the Orense center resolved the duel in favor of Valencia Basket.

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