Players’ union defends itself against “quarantine training camp”

The players’ union VdV does not want to accept the “quarantine training camp” planned by the DFL without contradiction. At a video conference with the DFL, VdV representatives expressed their concerns about the measure that the league association had suggested to the clubs to safeguard the course of the season despite the increasing corona numbers.

“The VdV player representatives pointed out that they are already subject to strict hygiene regulations and that regular tests are carried out on them in order to minimize the risk of infection,” the VdV said: “Some players are also barely able to get in because of family obligations To move to quarantine camps lasting several days. This applies in particular to professionals who have to look after small children or elderly family members who are sick. “

The players’ union experts also affirmed that the implementation of the training camp was “also problematic from a labor law perspective” and that “such a measure would have to withstand a proportionality test in the event of a dispute”.

According to VdV managing director Ulf Baranowsky, the players like the DFL see the training camp as the “last resort”. “Nobody wants to go to a camp like this, that’s for sure,” Baranowsky told him SID: “But nobody wants to send anyone there either. We’ll keep talking on the subject.”

Baranowsky does not see the fact that the DFL has recommended training camps around matchdays 29, 30 and 31 as a final decision: “It’s more about preparing for this opportunity.”

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