Plague of injuries in LaLiga: reasons, worst-off teams and exceptions

Gerard Piqué, lying on the Metropolitan's lawn, hurting from his injury.

Worrisome fact in the The league. Each day increases the number of players who visit the infirmary and stay in the dry dock for a period of time. Some attribute it to the irregularity of a season in which the Covid-19 pandemic is not allowing teams to work normally, as well as the continuous patches in a calendar that has been altered repeatedly due to the postponement of games to be recovered.

So far in the 2020-21 season there have been a total of 250 injuries, of which 185 have been muscular. A fairly high figure compared to those that took place the previous season, when 188 (116 muscle) were produced in the first three months of competition. The projection until the end of the campaign is impressive, calculating that It could reach 731 injuries, far exceeding the 413 of the entire previous year.

According to the doctor Mikel Aramberri, head of the Medical Services of the Spanish Rugby Team and director of Alai Sports Medicine Clinic, “It has to do with the alteration of the team’s work and competition schedule due to the pandemic. Last season ended very late, some even extended it with the Champions League dispute. And then this season started quickly. That shortened calendar deadlines and influenced clubs’ preseason deadlines”.

These explanations of the doctor in statements for The confidential They also refer to the continuity and interruption of training, the influence of contagions and players pushed aside by proximity and tracking. “It makes it very difficult to maintain continuity in the work and it makes their work very difficult for the physical trainers.” If to this we add the load of minutes or specific factors such as the storm Filomena, we are facing a time bomb.

According to the data shown by COPE, the team most affected this season is Real Madrid, which to date has accounted for up to 23 injuries from 16 different players, giving the curiosity that currently adds more injuries than goals (22).

This means an increase of 13% compared to the first 100 days of last season. A total of 17 injuries have been muscular, which have affected heavyweights of the squad such as Sergio Ramos, Militao, Marcelo, Carvajal (2 times), Odriozola, Kross, Odegaard (2 times), Hazard (2 times), Asensio, Lucas Vázquez, Benzema, Jovic, Nacho and Mariano.

If there is a team where the change from the 2019-20 season to the 2020-21 is being much more than significant, it is the Villarreal. The ‘yellow submarine’ is the set with greater increase in injuries with 320%, as well as the one with the most muscle injuries with 18. All this in a squad in which there have been 21 visits to the infirmary, from 16 different players.

Completely opposite cases to those mentioned are those of the leader Atlético de Madrid and the Seville. Both teams are, of all those who play European competitions, those who have had the least injuries to date, with 8 per staff. The rojiblancos have had 13 visits to the doctor, while the Hispanics only had eight. Although the great difference between them is in the muscular injuries, because 77% of the LaLiga leader’s injuries are muscular, while the Sevilla team is the team with the least of the entire competition with nothing more than 6.

The Barça is the only team that plays European competition in which the number of injuries has decreased compared to the previous season, down 27%. To date, he has had a total of 16 injuries from 14 different players and only 10 have been muscular (Araujo, Mingueza, Jordi Alba, Junior Firpo, Sergi Roberto, Busquets, Matheus, Coutinho, Dembélé and Bratithwaite).

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