Piqué ends his tweet vacillation with Ibai Llanos boasting of being the second Spanish footballer with the most titles

Gerard Piqué celebrates the achievement of the Copa del Rey

Gerard Piqué was unleashed after winning the Copa del Rey. The central veteran culé, who arrived seriously touched by his injury, he celebrated in a big way, both in the field, on the bus and on social media.

After watering his companions with champagne on the same lawn of the Cartuja, he celebrated with songs the achievement of the title in the locker room and then he picked up the cell phone. There he found, among the dozens of messages, one of Ibai Llanos, who in addition to being an Athletic fan, has a good relationship with him.

“Do not take out a trumpet in the celebration, you bastards,” Ibai joked in a WhatsApp that he shared on the networks, to which the answer was eloquent “I’m going to get what I get out of the ***” of Piqué.

It was clear to the streamer then that the footballer had had a few drinks, “this one has eight cubatas on top “ and when he asked him specifically how many he had taken, Piqué replied with a screenshot of the ‘top 10’ of footballers with the most titles in history. In your case, they are 35 in 17 seasons, two less than the trophies achieved by his former partner and friend Andres Iniesta. Piqué is the second most successful Spanish footballer in history.

Piqué not only had jokes with Ibai. When they were already on the bus to go home, while they were waiting to start, saw that down there were a lot of journalists waiting. And since he had a few bottles of champagne by his side, he didn’t think about what to do: come down and water everyone present.

Journalists, many of them Barcelona fans without covering themselves, They did not hesitate to jump with Piqué and the rest of the Culé players for the achievement of the title.

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