Piqué and Freixa engage on Twitter: “You can now delete tweets, scoundrel”

Follow the crossfire between Gerard Piqué Y Toni Freixa through Twitter and this time with a disqualification (“scoundrel”) by the central Barça towards the ex-director and expresidenciable Barça player. The second episode after last week’s had a Freixa as a source when posting a tweet at 3:38 p.m. unveiling the menu of a soccer player in a restaurant but without citing his name: “Entrecote with chips, fried egg, beer to drink and a crêpe with nutella. Can you imagine a professional soccer player eating this? I’m saying one huh, not generalizing. # It is passing “.

At 4:08 p.m. she has responded Pique confirming in this way that Freixa he was referring to him with the following tweet: “You were wrong with the steak … it was sausage. The rest all ok! And now I will take a tonic to your health! You can now delete the tweets, scoundrel.” Following the response of Pique, Freixa has deleted the tweet.

The crossing on Twitter


Last week, Pique already responded to Freixa. “Do not generalize with” this is how the players are. “It is as if I said” this is how the candidates are, they do not pay their collaborators, “the central wrote on Twitter, intervening in the conversation he had. Freixa with a journalist, on the renovation of Dembélé. “This is how the players are. No surprise to me. To think that I would renew downwards to allow the registration of a newly signed player who plays in the same position, it is firecracker,” the one who was a candidate for the presidency in the last few years had published. Barça elections. The term ‘generalize’ is the one you have used today Freixa to refer to the menu Pique in a restaurant.

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