Peter Stöger’s open future at FK Austria

FK Austria Wien and the Insignia Group confirmed a partnership on Thursday that should help the violets financially. As the club emphasized at the press conference, they are still counting on coach Peter Stöger. However, it has not yet been approved.

“There are still things that we have to discuss. There is a feeling that there is a desire that I should continue here. But now it’s about what the framework conditions look like,” said Stöger during an online press conference the Vienna Derby on Sunday.

The 54-year-old was delighted with the new partner and financier and referred to the previously impaired work from an economic point of view: “There was relatively little where you could develop something. I’m not just talking about the football team, I’m talking about the whole house . “

For the time being, Stöger, whose contract expires in the summer together with board member Markus Kraetschmer, did not make a firm commitment to Austria: “I’m glad we managed that. Now we’ll see what the structures look like. What are the processes like ? What changes can you make? “

There was support for Stöger from Insignia representative Luka Sur. “You have to see how I can find myself in the construct,” repeated Stöger. He will make his decision in the course of March.

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