Perfumerías Avenida embraces glory with the conquest of its seventh league

Perfumerías Avenida won the seventh league in its history after beating Valencia Basket in the third game of the final (76-61). The Salamanca team imposed its greatest experience and cemented the victory in defensive intensity and the success from the perimeter. The captain, Silvia Domínguez, led the charro team to its fourth alirón in the last five editions of the championship with an exhibition of leadership, touch and pulse. Maite Cazorla, Leo Rodríguez and Katie Lou Samuelson, mvp of the final, completed the victory of the blue tide. A new milestone in the ode to the competitive constancy of the Avenida, which has played 45 of the 60 possible finals in national competition (the last 15 in the league in a row) in the last 20 years and now has 27 titles. With the seventh league, Perfumerías reaches CREF Madrid in second place in the tournament’s historic record, just one victory out of the eight achieved by Ros Casares. Valencia’s momentum hit a wall and they were only able to score 24 points in the second half. On 12 of 25 in triples by the team led by Roberto Íñiguez, he finished off the victory from Salamanca.

After their respective triumphs on someone else’s court, Avenida and Valencia played the title at the Würzburg pavilion in front of some 700 spectators. The final within the final. The final tiebreaker in an even pulse throughout the season, with two victories per side and three overtime as precedents. Tension and revolutions in search of the League. A long afternoon in Salamanca that began with ups and downs but soon settled on the heights. With just minutes of trial and error. The duel of double pairs between Silvia Domínguez and Cristina Ouviña, for the management of the times, and between Emese Hof and Marie Gulich, for the dominance in the paint, marked the beginning of the match. The staging of Valencia was better thanks to its good shooting percentages but, as soon as Tiffany Hayes was activated, Avenida reacted. From 2-9 at minute 3, to 12-11 four later.

Maite Cazorla and Leticia Romero were in charge of continuing to fuel their respective boilers and the match reached the highest scoring projection of the series between the Euroleague finalists and the Eurocup champions. From the exchange of blows to the local shaking. In the second quarter the Avenida was unleashed taking advantage of its outstanding success from the perimeter. Five consecutive triples from Roberto Íñiguez’s team unraveled the taronja area and revolutionized the final. Two hits by Leo Rodríguez, another by Tiffany Hayes, one more by Silvia Domínguez and one by Maite Cazorla to complete the burst. A demarraje, with a total of 8 of 12 in shots of three in that section, with which the Perfumerías marked territory (37-28, m. 15).

Between Raquel Carrera and Trahan Davis they tried to shore up the taronja resistance. But Cristina Ouviña found no relief in the management and, opposite, the vibrant alternation between Silvia Domínguez and Maite Cazorla took over the times and with the party’s instruction book. The second quarter closed with a 22-14 run and Avenida reached the intermission ahead of the game, the sensations and the score (42-37, min.20). At the restart, Gulich’s third foul weighed even more Valencia’s internal rotation, already affected by the loss of Laura Gil. Adversities that lowered the determination of Valencia that, with the passage of minutes, entered a quagmire from which it could not escape after a fantastic season.

Avenida’s defense was a wall that only conceded 24 points in the second half. Cristina Ouviña rang out again, Trahan Davis charged the attack and Rebecca Allen claimed gallons and, by dint of rowing, Valencia won the last reengagement (46-44). However, the effort of the chase took its toll on Rubén Burgos’s team and, with another burst of triples, Perfumerías reached its maximum income after a 10-2 run that launched him towards the title (56-46, m. 27 ). The voracious Salamanca defense did not grant more scares. Silvia Domínguez was in charge of managing the advantage with solvency until raising the trophy to the sky of Salamanca. It was the captain’s ninth league (five dressed in blue, one with Ros and three with Yekaterinburg), the seventh on Avenida to continue expanding its legend, that of the team with the most titles in the history of Spanish women’s basketball: 27 ( 7 Leagues, 9 Cups, 9 Spanish Super Cups, 1 Euroleague and 1 European Super Cup) since that first Queen’s Cup in 2005.

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