Pepe hits on Mourinho: “I still think it was unfair that Iker was treated like this”

Mourinho hugs Pepe on the bench at the Santiago Bernabéu.

This week there is a lot of talk on social networks about the Classics marathon of the stage of Jose Mourinho at the helm of Real Madrid, due to the premiere of the Movistar + documentary about those historical days of the clashes between Madridistas and FC Barcelona.

A time when it was drawn to Iker Casillas, who lost the title in the white club that, in the end, led him to change of scene and change Madrid for Porto.

In those turbulent days, the former Madrid defender and currently in the aforementioned Portuguese team, Pepe, came out in defense of his partner in a public way, ensuring that Casillas deserved respect for his history at Madrid, thus responding indirectly to Mourinho.

Now, he has returned to pronounce on the matter in an interview with NOVO: “I want to clarify that at that time I did not go against my coach. When I spoke to the media, I asked a partner for respect. It was very clear to me. Iker has a brutal history at Real Madrid, he also won the World Cup and the European Championship, he was captain of Madrid and the National Team, why was he so criticized? I wanted to defend my partner, “he explains.

And he adds: “Maybe I spoke at the wrong time because they were both in shock. I just asked Iker for respect. I still think that what happened at Real Madrid was unfair, for everything he gave to football, to be treated like that … “.

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