Pep Guardiola risks sanction for wearing an Open Arms sweatshirt at Arsenal – Manchester City

Pep Guardiola gives orders in the band with the Open Arms sweatshirt

Pep Guardiola He knows well that he is in a moment with the spotlights on him thanks to the streak he has with him Manchester City: He is an outstanding leader of the Premier with 18 consecutive victories and walks unstoppable towards the title. Also aware that he can use it for other causes, he has once again demonstrated his activism.

The Spanish coach led his team to victory against Arsenal last weekend wearing a sweatshirt from Open arms, the NGO dedicated primarily to the rescue of immigrants in the Mediterranean. The organization’s networks thanked Guardiola for his gesture and also recalled that the same garment can be purchased on its website, the benefits of which will go to pay for the boat and the different solidarity activities.

It is not the first time that Guardiola dedicates his time and lends his image to help Open Arms. In 2018, in the midst of the crisis with the ship on the Spanish beaches, the Santpedor technician paid for the repair of the damage to the ship out of his own pocket, when it was stranded in Italy. In addition, he has campaigned on his behalf whenever possible, including criticizing the Spanish government on the way by his attitude.

Beyond the gesture of solidarity, wearing that garment can cost Guardiola another sanction. The regulations of the UEFA and of the federations attached to it, it explicitly prohibits the display of symbols or messages of any kind, especially of political overtones. The Manchester City manager was already punished when he wore a yellow bow in favor of politicians imprisoned for independence had to pay more than 22,000 euros of fine.

If UEFA or the FA consider that advertising the NGO violates their principles, Guardiola may be punished again.

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