Pedri: “I like to be compared to Iniesta, but I have to be Pedri”

Rigid, with his arms crossed, with and with that seriousness with which he develops on the field, Pedri appeared in the press room of the Ciudad de Fútbol de Las Rozas. With short and prudent answers, “I’m shy off the field, but inside I have fun,” he says. The young Barcelona midfielder took stock of his first day as a member of the senior team. “I really like Luis Enrique’s ideas, now I have to learn the style of the national team. Each technician has his automatisms, here for example, you have to do different things when the ball is on your opposite side ”, he warned.

With the doubt of whether Luis Enrique will grant him the title this Thursday in Granada, against Greece, and if he will make him play inside or as a false winger, as Dani Olmo usually does, Pedri spoke of his connection with Messi and the possibility of finding in the national team a similar society: “As with Leo it cannot be because he is the best player in the world, but here there are quality players and we can understand each other well.”

Pedri also referred to the capital importance that Ronald Koeman has had in the explosion that has taken him to the senior team in just half a season at Barcelona. The truth that he bet on me from day one. He has shown that he likes young people, without him I would not be here, but I am not the one who decides whether to continue or not ”.

Finally, about his constant comparison with Andrés Iniesta, he said: “Of course I like to be compared to Iniesta, but as the coach said, I have to be Pedri.”

On the other hand, Gerard Moreno will not cause a drop in the national team after not detecting any break in the hamstring area of ​​his right leg. The forward already underwent an MRI by his club’s medical services last Sunday at the end of the match between Villarreal and Cádiz. This Tuesday he had a new MRI under the supervision of the federative physicians and a slight elongation has been detected, so he will continue to concentrate. Whether Luis Enrique aligns him in any of the games against Greece, Georgia and Kosovo will depend on his evolution

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