Paul Gascoigne suffers an accident in ‘Survivors’ and has to be transferred to a hospital

Former footballer Paul Gascoigne, in 'Survivors'.

Paul gascoigne gave a scare in the Italian edition of the contest Survivors. The 53-year-old former footballer, who is haunted by a past of excesses and scandals, had to be transferred to hospital after having an accident in one of the tests of the television program.

English suffered a shoulder dislocation during a joint test, as revealed by the image of a sore Gascoigne putting his hand to his joint and being unable to climb a net due to the mishap. Although from the program they assured that it was not something serious, the ex-footballer was absent during the television broadcast that same night, along with the rest of the members of the contest.

Gascoigne’s participation in Survivors is being a constant box of surprises. English has starred in some run into other contestants from the Italian edition and has become the subject of jokes due to the large amount of sunscreen it uses. What’s more He confessed that he reads the Bible every night and that he has a tattoo of his penis, which was done after drinking too much.

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