Pantic, Hierro, Kiko, Roberto Carlos … Atlético and madridistas myths remember how to experience a final of the league of infarction

From left to right: Pantic, Hierro, Kiko, Roberto Carlos and Toni Muñoz

This Saturday around 20:00 it will be known who he is LaLiga 2020/2021 champion. The only certainty is that it will be a team from the capital, Athletic or Real Madrid, but the rest is up in the air.

The events of this season have made everything be decided in a final day that aims to be a heart attack. Many players do not know what it is to reach this limit, and that is why it is best to learn from historical footballers of both clubs who lifted a league trophy in the last game. Legends of the two clubs explain to 20minutes / Sportyou how they prepare for something like that and how they lived it.

Milinko pantic (Loznica, Serbia, 1966) was one of the heroes of Atlético’s historic double in the 95/96 season and he knows how situations similar to the one his club is experiencing are experienced.

One of the things that stood out for him was the concentration in Segovia before beating Albacete on the last day of LaLiga: “Another heart attack week as it happened to us, but that’s the good thing about sport, living situations like this. I remember that Radomir Antic He concentrated us for several days in Los Angeles de San Rafael. There we were making the group stronger … I am not particularly in favor of being together for so long because in the end you put a lot of pressure on the player, but it turned out well “.

Although he does not have any special anecdote of those days (“from memory I walk very fair,” he jokes), he has recorded the arrival by bus. “I will never forget our trip from Segovia to the stadium. The entrance into the Vicente Calderón tunnel was impressive, spectacular. I don’t know how many people there were. Not only in the stadium, but along the way. Many cars with our flags accompanying us, cheering us on. , leaning out of the windows … I do remember that perfectly “.

As for the pressure that current Atlético players can have, Pantic compares it with what they could have despite having won the Copa del Rey 20 days before with a header from him. “We, like now, Simeone’s team had a great advantage during the championship that we lost game by game. We did not win at home against Betis, Valladolid, Zaragoza, Valencia … we failed a lot at home, but the good thing is that we recovered it away from Vicente Calderón. We got to the last game with water up to our necks, with Mijatovic’s Valencia behind us and we had the need to win the game and we did it, “he congratulates himself.

Despite losing much of an advantage, Pantic believes that they will win LaLiga because “after what happened against Osasuna, the team believes in them.” “When you depend on yourself, it’s easier, although Valladolid goes to the death for staying in the First Division waiting for a carom, but Atlético is now a very strong team after winning by going back “, he affirms.

He will be one of the lucky ones who will be at the Pucela stadium invited by LaLiga and will experience it from the box, although with less nerves than then. Football in the stadium looks different. “If you could go down to the locker room, what would you say to the players?” “I do not know. Simeone sure that he will prepare the game during this week very well. In a very correct way to win the three points without thinking about anything else. The coach should not be too upsetting. You should do a short motivational talk, because after so many games in LaLiga, each player knows what to do. Players on days like this want to be focused on their world and prepare for the game in their own way. You don’t have to give one-hour talks because everyone would head butt, “he considers.

Fernando iron (Vélez-Málaga, 1968) naturally assumed to lead a team that, forced to always win, also suffered. Therefore, for both teams, he is aware that the main thing is to remain calm.

“In a week like the one Atlético de Madrid is going through, we don’t have to think about it too much because everything is in their hands. It is not like Real Madrid, which in addition to winning their game must be aware of what they do in Valladolid. Atlético should not remember the points they had ahead of them and should think about how they arrived and how Real Madrid and Barcelona have let them depend only on them, “says the former white captain.

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