Paco Gento, honorary president and legend of Real Madrid, declared the father of a 62-year-old woman

Paco Gento, honorary president of Real Madrid

The Gento family (to which it belongs, among others, Marcos Llorente placeholder image) has a new member officially. Is about Paquita Spain Núñez, a 62-year-old woman whom the Court of First Instance No. 48 of Madrid has agreed with in the long litigation she had with Paco Gento, legendary player of the Real Madrid and its current honorary president: is his daughter.

This woman, cleanser in an organism of the Junta de Andalucía, had been trying to claim his parentage rights for years, after discovering that his mother, a dancer of classical dance, had a little romance with ‘The Galerna del Cantábrico‘in 1958. After a long process, Gento underwent a paternity test last April by court order and not of his own free will, the result of which has just been known.

Malagueña by birth, Paquita España (or Paquita Gento, if she decides to change her last name) tried by all means to get her father to recognize her. First it was for the good, but before the categorical refusal of the mythical ex-striker, he hired a lawyer and the investigations began. The investigation made them get a used napkin of Gento, which was the one they used for the test of DNA. The result leaves little room for doubt: there is a 99% match.

The news has been received with great joy by the woman, whose mother also just passed away a month ago. “Justice has been done,” the plaintiff’s lawyer told ABC.

Gento, the footballer with the most European cups In his record (six) he already had two children, Julio and Francisco, who are now joined by Paquita.

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