Outrage in Germany: they force a coach to lead a women’s team as ‘punishment’

Heiko Vogel, the sanctioned coach.

The punishment that the German football federation has imposed on coach Heiko Vogel has generated a lot of stir in society: will have to lead a women’s team during six training sessions.

The current coach of the subsidiary of Borussia of Mönchengladbach He has been fined for unsportsmanlike address two assistant referees and, in addition to paying 1,500 euros, he will have to complete the punishment by placing himself under the orders of a team of women.

The goal of the federation is end machismo And getting Vogel to respect women in football, however, that managing a women’s team is considered part of a fine has sparked much outrage in Germany.

Nicole Selmer, spokesperson for the German association ‘Women in Soccer’ spoke about the controversial decision on ESPN: “The wrong message is being sent. It shows that at whatever level women and girls play soccer, they are not taken as seriously as men and boys, “he said.

“This punishment for the Gladbach coach puts the leadership of a female team at the height of social workSelmer added bluntly.

Questioned about the sanction received, Vogel refused to comment on the controversial decision of the federation.

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