Osmajic (Cádiz) ends up in the police station after a night fight

When the echoes of the night outing for Madrid of eight players after the defeat in Vallecas still resonate, an action that was punished by coach Álvaro Cervera leaving the players involved in the stands in the next game, now it is forward Milutin Osmajic who he was involved in an altercation at dawn on Wednesday, for which he had to be assisted with various cuts when he received a bottle on the head.

The events occurred in a well-known nightclub on the Paseo Marítimo, at the height of Doctor Herrera Quevedo street, to which the Cadista player went after having returned to Cádiz after being concentrated with the Montenegro national team and taking advantage of the fact that this morning there was no there was training.

According to police sources, Osmajic was expelled from the premises after starring in a fight with another man, a brawl that continued abroad and that ended with the bottle hitting the footballer. The forces of order, alerted by the altercation, appeared at the scene and the player was transferred to the police station, where he spent an hour declaring, and was later released.

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