Official: Dejan Ljubicic changes from SK Rapid to 1. FC Köln

After 15 years at SK Rapid, captain Dejan Ljubicic is drawn to Germany for 1. FC Köln. Born in Vienna, he will sign a contract until 2025. The Hütteldorfer and Cologne confirmed this via broadcast.

“It was anything but an easy decision for me. Rapid has given me an incredible amount over the past 15 years and I will be forever grateful to this great club for that. I came as a child and was able to work at the best club in Austria both personally I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those responsible for the club, my coaches, supervisors, team-mates, all employees and, above all, the fans for the great time. Rapid will always stay in my heart “said Ljubicic about his transfer and added:” Only SK Rapid counts until May 22nd, because we want to make this season a very, very good one in our club’s history. “

Sport manager Zoran Barisic thanked Ljubicic: “We wish Dejan all the best and the greatest possible sporting success with his new club. Dejan is a green and white person through and through, who is making this move to a big football country like Germany through his shown He is an exemplary professional footballer, both on and off the pitch, who has always given everything for the club and I am convinced that he will continue to do so in the next five games wearing the Rapid badge will do. “

Coach Dietmar Kühbauer also wished the self-grown man all the best: “I know Dejan Ljubicic so well that I know that his thoughts are definitely not with his new club. He still has a few important games with us that he wants and will he competes well, anything else would not suit his temperament. We want to achieve our season goals together as a team, Dejan will be able to play an important part in this. “

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