ÖFB team threatens EM camp fever! Franco Foda is looking for solutions

The ÖFB team is threatened with a real camp fever at the EM next summer. UEFA urgently recommends that the participants of Euro 2020 not to leave the common Corona “bubble” from the first training session to the end of the tournament.

For the Austrian national team, this would mean that the players would not be allowed to meet family or friends from the end of May. Franco Foda wants to counteract the problem. “It is important that the players can switch off, especially because they come to us right after the end of their leagues and have no vacation,” the 55-year-old told the APA.

Accordingly, it would be an option to give the players free time between the last test match against Slovakia on June 6th and the entry into the Euro Basecamp.

“We have to make short-term decisions and be flexible. A sure instinct is required,” said Foda and added: “The question is what risk do we take. We have to find solutions so that we can move as freely as possible in the hygiene concept and not to get a certain tightness after a week or two. “

Defensive engine Stefan Lainer is also giving the subject a headache. “Keeping up the mood will not be easy, because Corona restricts many things, the team has to be in quarantine. This is a challenge for the team boss and everyone involved. Those responsible have to think about what it looks like,” said Lainer.

Foda: “A sure instinct is required”

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