ÖFB team boss Franco Foda: “That’s the only thing you can blame the team for”

In the second group game, the ÖFB team scored the first three points in the current World Cup qualification with a 3-1 home win over the Faroe Islands. This means that Austria stays in front of the league leaders Denmark, the direct clash will follow on Wednesday.

Aleksandar Dragovic (30th), Christoph Baumgartner (37th) and Sasa Kalajdzic (44th) took care of the ÖFB goals. Before that, Sonni Ragnar Nattestad (19th) put the guests in the lead.

Shortly before the end of the game, Yusuf Demir made his debut for the Austrian national team. This means that Demir’s services are secured for the ÖFB for at least the next three years. Turkey also campaigned for the rapid kicker.

Denmark celebrated an 8-0 win over Moldova on matchday two. Israel drew 1-1 at home against Scotland.

Here the ORF-Votes for the ÖFB victory.

The votes for the game Austria – Faroe Islands

David Alaba (ÖFB captain): “It was certainly our goal to score more goals. That didn’t succeed in the second half, even though we had good chances and actions. Nonetheless, I think we deserved to win. That was our goal and we did I think we had really good sequences today. We had very strong actions, especially on the offensive, let the ball run a lot – and we want to take that away with us. “

Aleksandar Dragovic (ÖFB goalscorer): “I think we played well from the start. We fell behind unluckily. They felt like four-meter-tall central defenders. Every throw-in was like a corner kick for them. I’m always someone who says: It doesn’t matter, who scores the goals. But of course I’m happy that I’ve done one now. We turned it around well. In the second half we didn’t play out one or the other situation well, but in the end we deserved to win. “

Christoph Baumgartner (ÖFB goal scorer): “I’m glad that I was on the ball in front of my opponent and pushed them over. Of course, it’s a bit uncomfortable when you’re suddenly 1-0 down. Small nations think about set pieces. It’s a bit annoying that we got another goal there. We stayed calm, but we still pushed our pace. We have to score more goals, including myself. That annoys us of course, but we still clearly won the game. “

Sasa Kalajdzic (ÖFB goalscorer): “My goal was definitely played out very nicely, we switched nicely. David found me perfect and I just had to say ‘thank you’. It was intense because they played very physically and robustly. It was against Scotland a little harder again, but it was very demanding. “

Hakan Ericson (Faroe Team Principal): “We had five big chances. We put in a good performance, but as a coach you can’t be satisfied if you lose, of course.”

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