ÖFB and Bundesliga on Super League plans: “Threatening outgrowth of turbo-capitalism”

The massive criticism of the newly founded Super League continues. Now there is also sharp criticism from Austrian football: The ÖFB and the Bundesliga have published a joint statement.

Plans for a so-called Super League announced on Monday night may be seen as further pressure on the international competitions, the national leagues and the entire existing football system, warns the ÖFB and the Bundesliga in a joint broadcast.

“At the UEFA Congress in Montreux, the 55 member associations issued a joint statement condemning the creation of a so-called Super League in the strongest possible terms. Such plans are a threatening outgrowth of turbo-capitalism and are in stark contrast to the values ​​of sport” , says ÖFB President Leo Windtner annoyed after the UEFA Congress in Montreux.

“I welcome the full unity of UEFA, FIFA, the associations and leagues. Otherwise there is a risk that football Europe will fall apart and the principle of solidarity will fall by the wayside. That would be a devastating setback, especially for smaller and medium-sized nations like Austria mean and shake the foundations of the foundation. Associations and clubs across all levels of ability have jointly brought football to where it is now for decades. This unity must not be divided. Football is for everyone, not just for a self-proclaimed elite “, so Windtner continues.

Bundesliga and ÖFB emphasize unity on the matter. International competitions must therefore be characterized by athletic qualifications from the national competitions and solidarity, instead of implementing a quasi-closed system, they say.

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