Of Paul, the new ‘Boss’: “There is a thorn with Liverpool, the result was unfair”

Rodrigo De Paul was one of the great protagonists in the game that he Atlético de Madrid disputed before Real Betis. The Argentine scored a great game and has already won the affection of the stands of the Metropolitan who is not blind not to see the enormous quality that the former player of Udinese. The midfielder has a breed on the field that he likes a lot in these parts. If quality, hierarchy, personality and a touch of the ball like angels are added to that, Rodrigo has a lot of cattle. He went out before the Betis and now he sets his sights on the Liverpool.

The player, after the crash, was very happy with how things had turned out. “The team played a very complete game. When we attacked we did it with the conviction that we were going to hurt our opponent. And when we defended we did it with the concentration that is needed to avoid conceding goals “, analyzed the footballer to add:” The game, within 90 minutes, was very complete. “

The surprising thing in this case for him is that it seems that he has been playing in the Athletic half life. He has an explanation for it. “This club made it very easy for me to adapt. The companions, all the people who work inside. That makes one can work more calmly on the grass “, he explained to add:” I am left with the applause of the public because that means that he is doing things well. “

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“I am very grateful for how they have received me in the Athletic from the first day ”, the Argentinian delved into how comfortable he feels as a rojiblanco. “When a result is not positive as happened against the I raised, the duel has to be short. And the next day we started working for things to turn out as they did before him Betis. And now, the same, we will enjoy this victory a little but from Monday we will think about him Liverpool, which is a great team but we are going to compete because we have that little thorn from the game of Metropolitan, I think the result was unfair, “he concluded to explain that he already has his sights set on the Champions League.


Without a doubt, the Argentine was one of the best against him Betis. A great game took shape again and left amidst the ovation of the public. The Argentine had a round performance. He gave 46 passes, 42 were good and he barely missed four of them. Incredible as it was the wet field and the ball. 91% accuracy. He was the player who completed the most successful inning –two-, the one who also missed the most –three-, the one with the best dribbling success rate -100% – and the one who received the most fouls -five-. But the thing is that he also generated two scoring chances, finished off three times – one on goal, one stopped and one blocked -, recovered seven balls and anticipated twice.

Normal that Simeone had the words he had after the crash. “He came with great enthusiasm, eager to show everything he has in his game, he entered the group very well and is important for the team. We need him to be like today, people fired him in the best way after the game he played and we don’t imagine him in any other way than today, “he said.

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