Nuri Sahin exclusive: BVB will come into the Champions League and Haaland will stay

Former BVB professional Nuri Sahin firmly believes that top striker Erling Haaland will stay with BVB beyond the summer.

After his strong appearances in black and yellow dress, the Norwegian is traded at almost all top clubs in Europe. Allegedly, for financial reasons, Dortmund will be forced to sell Haaland in the summer if the club does not qualify for the Champions League. BVB is currently only fifth and would have to overtake Frankfurt or Wolfsburg on the remaining three Bundesliga match days.

Sahin does not believe that Borussia will be able to give up Haaland. “I don’t see a big problem at all, to be honest,” he said exclusively at SPOX and goal. “I believe that Dortmund will get into the Champions League and that Haaland will stay for at least another year. Everyone will be happy,” said Sahin, daring to predict how the season’s final spurt could go.

However, he also had to admit that the decision of whether to stay or leave Haaland ultimately rests with the player himself. “There are many people around him who talk to him, help him and show him the advantages and disadvantages of staying in Dortmund,” said Sahin.

During his time at BVB, the former Turkish international played himself with an extraordinary attacker: Robert Lewandowski. The Pole, who has been with FC Bayern for many years now, was only honored as a world footballer last year.

BVB – Nuri Sahin: Mentality is the key to Haaland’s success

With his outstanding attitude, Haaland has something important in common with Lewandowski. “I don’t know Haaland, but I’ve seen Lewy. With him you could see in his eyes every day that he wants to win everything. If Haaland has that too, he can do everything”, said Sahin.

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