No FIFA sanction for DFB team after jersey campaign in the direction of Qatar

FIFA will not sanction the German national team because of their jersey campaign in the direction of Qatar. That was shared by FIFA on Friday SID-Inquiry with, the world federation had refrained from imposing a penalty during the comparable action by the Norwegians on the human rights debate in the World Cup host country for 2022 on Wednesday. FIFA actually prohibits political statements in the context of their games.

“FIFA believes in freedom of expression and in the power of football to drive positive change,” said a statement on Friday. During the line-up for the anthems before the World Cup qualifier against Iceland (3-0), every national player in Duisburg wore a black T-shirt with a white letter on Thursday evening – together the message was: HUMAN RIGHTS.

On Wednesday, the Norwegian national team sent a similar message with Borussia Dortmund’s top star Erling Haaland. Before the game in Gibraltar (3-0), the players wore white T-shirts with the words: “Human rights – on and off the pitch”.

Qatar has been criticized for years by human rights organizations such as Amnesty International for exploiting guest workers. The English Guardian recently reported that several thousand people have died on stadium construction sites since the World Cup was awarded to the emirate in 2010.

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