Neymar explodes against the French referees: “This episode is very sad”

The famous ‘Lambretta’ to which some players resort from time to time (Neymar Jr. between them) continues to give something to talk about. If last year, the Brazilian saw the yellow for such a play against Montpellier, now it is his compatriot’s turn Lucas Paquetá.

The Olympique de Lyon midfielder used this resource to try to get away from a rival in the game against Troyes and also saw the card. A fact that has caused ‘Ney’ to explode against the arbitration regulations in France.

What is the ‘Lambretta?

It is a combination of dribbling with self-passing that consists of raising the ball with the foot on the other leg, to pass it over the rival.

“Very sad about this episode. Get a yellow for a ‘dribble’. The ‘Lambretta’ is a resource, no matter where it is or what minute it is. Last year it happened to me and this year with Lucas Paquetá “, the PSG striker has written through his Instagram stories along with several videos of the moment.

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Neymar explodes against the referees of France

Neymar explodes against the referees of France

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