Neymar closes the door to FC Barcelona: “I still have two years left here and I feel good”

Neymar Jr, PSG player.

The Brazilian of PSG Neymar wants to show that Champions League is his great goal and before the first leg of the semifinals against him Manchester City made it clear that the rest of the issues are secondary and that he is now going through his best stage since he arrived in the French capital.

Pending the renewal of his contract, which expires in June 2022, the player appeared before the media to affirm that neither his future, nor the Ballon d’Or nor anything else has more weight on his mind than reigning in Europe.

“I want to help the team reach the final (…) Last year we reached the final for the first time and now we have to go one step further. We trust. We will give it all“said the most expensive player of all time.

Neymar showed respect for City, but assured that PSG has grown since it arrived four years ago and that now rivals look at them differently. “When they refer to PSG they do so as one of the five or six best teams in the world. The team has earned the respect it deserves.”, he pointed.

He too feels better, more settled in the team, having overcome the turbulence of the past that led him to demand his departure from the club in the turbulent summer of 2019. “In many things I have improved, I have managed to overcome difficulties. There are those who have questioned my professionalism, but I have always worked hard and I have been focused. I have shown it on the field”, he assured.

“When I arrived in Paris four years ago I said that my priority was to win the Champions League. We reached the final last year. It shows that we have progressed. We are in a good dynamic, the atmosphere is good, but we have to keep working“, he indicated.

The player avoided questions about the renewal of his contract, although he admitted contacts with the board: “This is not the time to talk about it, I still have two years left here. I feel good here, I will continue to give my best. This may be my best season here

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