Neymar becomes the star signing of Fortnite and will reach more than 350 million users

Neymar Jr, PSG player.

The popular video game Fortnite wants to reach the world of sports and is preparing the signing of several athletes. For starters you have already incorporated Neymar Jr. to his squad, so that the footballer joins the celebrities what’s in the game, such as the singers Travis scott Y J. Balvin.

“Sport occupies a great place in the lives of our players, it is important for us to have a sports representative in the game”, comment from Epic games, that you want to take advantage of a 2021 in which sport will have a lot of weight with the celebration of the Eurocup, the America Cup or the Tokyo Olympics. A year full of sports and especially football, in which we want to reach more people to take advantage of the media pull of names such as the Brazilian of the PSG.

All Fortnite users who play its new version, more than 350 million worldwide, will be able to unlock Neymar and use him as a character. “In the same way that in Fortnite you can play as Batman, Deadpool, Iron Man or other iconic superheroes from movies, books and television, now it will be possible to play with one of the best footballers in the world”, they explain from the company.

Neymar is not new to the world of video games, as he has his own Twitch channel and streams his games. He is also a personality of the Instagram universe with more than 150 million followers. “Soccer is strategically very important to us because we are a world game with a huge player base in Brazil, in Europe, where soccer is not only a sport, but a way of life”, they declare in Epic Games.

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