National coach Joachim Löw on the DFB quake: “Unrest is very regrettable”

National coach Joachim Löw does not see his “immediate preparation” for the European Championship being affected by the leadership tremor in the DFB, but followed the events with great unease. “I’m watching this, this unrest is very regrettable,” said the 61-year-old on Thursday evening in the ARD: “I’m looking forward to the European Championship finally starting this summer.”

In the association, too, the focus must be on sport again in the future: “Youngsters and amateurs have been waiting for months to be allowed to play again. It must finally be about football again, that is the task and the DFB is challenged.”

Association president Fritz Keller announced on Tuesday that he would resign for next Monday following a hearing before the DFB sports court. In doing so, he drew the conclusions from the Nazi scandal that he had caused, which was, however, only the escalation of a long-smoldering dispute among the top of the DFB. In addition to Keller, Secretary General Friedrich Curtius, Treasurer Stephan Osnabrügge and Amateur Vice Rainer Koch will also leave the bridge in the short and medium term.

Löw himself, so the national coach in the ARD With a smile, he is “by no means” available for the Keller successor, he is following the search for this “difficult position” with interest.

In the thoughts of DFB director Oliver Bierhoff, however, a position in the new management “does not matter,” said the 53-year-old Sky: “It is a very difficult task at the moment. We have to fill in trenches and build bridges again. I am looking forward to continuing to work in the operative business.” Association and competitive sport could use “continuity and calm” in the future, so Bierhoff.

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