Muniain looks at her, but doesn’t touch her

Iker Muniain did not touch the cup against FC Barcelona.

Iker Muniain He did not want to try his luck again. The Athletic Club captain led his team into the red-and-white entrance to the pitch, passed by the trophy, glanced at it, but did not touch it. He did not repeat the bad omen of two weeks ago when he caressed the cup before the game and the lions ended up losing the final of the King’s Cup 2020 before the Real society.

Many had speculated during the days leading up to the final between Athletic Club and the FC Barcelona. The curse of touching the trophy before winning it made him the protagonist of countless memes, jokes and trolls when he screwed up the last time. Muniain himself had not made it clear if he would repeat boldness or not against FC Barcelona and finally he should have thought a little better and not play with superstitions.

“They are decisions that each one makes. Cups, trophies are not won or lost because one touches it or stops touching it. They are won on the field, and that is the only reality. What will I do tomorrow? I don’t know. . I will consult it later with the pillow “, declared the day before the game against Barça.

Muniain was doubtful until the last moment for the final of the Copa del Rey 2021, but the forward finally turned a deaf ear to the physical discomfort and dressed short to try to achieve the title with Athletic Club.

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