Mourinho already has a new ‘team’: he signs for ‘The Sun’ for the Eurocup

Jose Mourinho, during a Tottenham game

Little time has been Jose Mourinho unemployed, although his next destination is not a bench: the coach will be Star columnist of the English newspaper ‘The Sun’ during the next Eurocup.

This has been announced by the next newspaper on its social networks. A level addition to the tabloid heading into the big continental tournament of the summer.

José Mourinho concluded on April 19 his last, so far, foray into the benches when he was sacked by Tottenham after two seasons.

He came to the London team from Manchester United, where he also spent two years after his time at Chelsea, where he ended up at the end of his period in charge Real Madrid.

Now, the mediatic Portuguese coach, waiting for new football challenges and with the eternal shadow of a possible return to the Spanish capital, He will show his skills for writing and football analysis at the European event that starts on June 11.

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