More doubts in the national team’s goal: Robert Sánchez joins the fight to be the starting goal

David de Gea and Robert Sánchez in a training session for the Spanish team.

The Spanish team post-Ramos It opens this Friday (7:30 p.m.) with a most demanding friendly: against the current European champion, Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal. A Wanda Metropolitano with 15,000 viewers It will be the scene of an interesting match to begin to measure the potential of Luis Enrique’s team.

The Asturian coach has two games before his Eurocup debut against Sweden on June 14. The first, before the Portuguese; the second, on Tuesday against Lithuania. In them you must put an end to the doubts you have with some of the positions, and in one of them there may be a bombshell: the goal.

Neither David de Gea ni Unai Simón finish convincing Luis Enrique. The former lost his starting position in the national team’s last five games, in which he did not play for a minute against Switzerland, Germany, Greece, Georgia and Kosovo. To this is added what happened in the last final of the Europa League: the Manchester United goalkeeper not only did not stop a penalty of the eleven that he was thrown but also missed the decisive launch that left his team without a title. The very hard emotional blow That this may mean makes it even more complicated for Luis Enrique to bet again on De Gea.

Unai Simón seemed to have established himself as the Red’s goal with five consecutive starts. However, in a serious mistake in an exit against Kosovo it cost Spain a goal … and the goal debate reopened.

Simón’s season with Athletic has not been brilliant either, chaining good performances with others in which he left many doubts.

And in those Robert Sánchez appears. Luis Enrique surprised everyone with the announcement last March of a goalkeeper unknown to the general public that defends the goal of the modest brighton. And in the list of 24 for the Eurocup, the Asturian did not doubt it: the chosen one was the Cartagena.

Robert Sanchez He hasn’t played a minute with the national team yet, but his name can be the big surprise before the doubts of his fellow position. He is a tall goalkeeper (close to two meters), young (23 years old) and with little international experience, undoubtedly his great handicap. Today he could make his debut against Portugal and, if he shows his great conditions, open the goal debate even more. It could be Luis Enrique’s bombshell for Sweden.

“Yes Robert Sánchez is on the 24-player list, he has options. If not, I would not be called, “said Luis Enrique at the press conference on Thursday. The battle for the goal is open:” The three goalkeepers give me guarantees, “said the coach.

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