More chaste than football

Barça returned to appear at the Camp Nou after a few difficult days due to the defeat against Bayern. It had to be a game to meet again, reconnect and leave behind the resignation of the Champions night. Those of Koeman they had had plenty of time to recover and prepare for the game against Granada thoroughly. But Monday’s league night turned into an extension of what had been witnessed in the stadium days ago. And not only that, but it was also the confirmation that saying goodbye to ‘tiki-taka’ is an overwhelming reality and, in the short term, irreversible.

Granada found themselves with a lucky goal in the second minute that, with much less football than Barça, translated into a more than valuable point. After the conceded goal, he did not see himself again Ter Stegen in action and with only one block high, Granada was planted in 89 ‘with an undeserved victory, achieved only with a good defensive organization, four midfielders and the work of Molina in attack, he sweated until he was replaced by Luis Suarez. Koeman, to which it was evident that he was worth everything to tie, decided to use an unprecedented lead with Pique, Luuk de Jong and the incorporations of Araujo to top absolutely everything they could.

The agonizing draw came and was amply celebrated by the fans present at the Camp Nou, who were torn between joy and frustration, caste and sadness. They were watching a Barça that is not even the shadow of what it was. But like everything in life, football continues, and tomorrow there is a new opportunity to continue competing LaLiga against Cádiz and look for new glimpses of hope that will keep us optimistic. Because, even against Granada, there was also that. The culés, for example, began the game with players who added an average age of 24 years and a defense that did not exceed 20 and AraujoTo give another example, he established himself as the fittest player on the team, displaying his ambition, physique and great ability in the passing game when it was most needed.

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