Mockery of former Madrid player Jesús Fernández for celebrating the resignation of Pablo Iglesias: “His greatest achievement is having been the goalkeeper who warms up Keylor Navas”

The Real Madrid exporter Jesús Fernández

Many athletes and ex-athletes have turned to social networks to analyze political news in their own way. Some of them do not hide their preferences, far from it, which has made them unexpected protagonists of the 4M electoral hangover in Madrid.

Since Ivan Campo to Alfonso Reyes, passing by Luis Figo (a classic already) or Nico Almagro, many showed their joy at the landslide victory of Isabel Diaz Ayuso and by the consequent resignation of Pablo Iglesias of all their charges. One of the most vehement in his statements was Jesus Fernandez, a footballer from the Real Madrid quarry who did not pass the role of third goalkeeper.

The current goalkeeper of the unknown CS Sepsi OSK Sfântu Gheorghe from Romania celebrated Iglesias’ march on twitter. “What a great night yesterday, Madrid resists lies, hypocrisy and misery, to see if the rest of Spain soon. But the best news without a doubt: The rat returns to the burrow!!”, wrote.

To use that qualifier towards the former vice president and former leader of We can earned him numerous criticisms, from that of the athlete Roberto Sotomayor, who described him as “an athlete who does not know how to lose”, going through other tougher ones.

In this sense, especially aggressive was the journalist Antonio Maestre. The writer, closely linked to the orbit of Podemos and to the extreme left, disparaged Fernández’s career. “His greatest professional achievement is having been the goalkeeper who warms up Keylor Navas before games, “wrote the columnist.

To argue this hard stick, Maestre explains that “whoever considers that the opinion of someone who calls another person a rat must be respected. Well, if you think that your opinion is also a shitty opinion that does not deserve respect.

Antonio Maestre enjoyed some media relevance when it was discovered that he was behind Miguel Lacambra, a pseudonym that ended up becoming a viral phenomenon when defending the thesis of the Government to defend the celebration of 8-M in 2020, with the pandemic already rampant. In addition, his incisive columns and criticisms of the political right have earned him detractors and fans, with whom he has no problem arguing and engaging in social networks, in very high tones many times.

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