Misa Rodríguez, overwhelmed by the support for her ‘Same Passion’ after receiving macho insults: “Thank you from the heart”

Misa Rodríguez, Real Madrid goalkeeper

Not his own Mass Rodriguez much less the madmen who insulted and harassed her expected the wave that caused the movement ‘Same passion’.

The macho attacks that forced the goalkeeper of the Real Madrid to delete a tweet with a photo next to Marco Asensio They caused a rebound effect, and not only were they condemned, but they unleashed one of the most effective, and unplanned, campaigns by the gender equality that have been seen in years in the social media.

First it was the support of Asensio himself, then of other Real Madrid players (although not all of them, such as Sergio Ramos, nor from the club itself on its social networks) and in the end thousands of people, public and private entities joined that wave. Machismo received a clear message of rejection.

The messages of support that the Gran Canaria goalkeeper has received are such that she has hardly been able to react. Since this Wednesday she has had hundreds of mentions per minute, the vast majority showing her solidarity and affection, but also thanking her for being the spigot so that it can be seen that football is being one of the real vectors of equality, beyond its separation between masculine and feminine.

In a brief tweet with the same photo (this time without Asensio) that generated everything, Misa has shown how overwhelmed and grateful she is. “Thank you all from the heart”, has written, along with the hashtag that has made it even more relevant off the field: #SamePassion.

Mass will not have time to be pending on this matter in the next few hours. The goalkeeper is concentrated with the Spanish women’s team for the friendly match against the powerful team of Netherlands, current European champions, which will be played this Friday at the Antonio Lorenzo Cuevas Municipal Stadium in Marbella.

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