Miracle of Sevilla with his goalkeeper-forward

A goal from goalkeeper Bono in the last play of the game gave Sevilla a point and frustrated Valladolid, who annulled their rival and saw how in a final action the Moroccan goalkeeper put an end to their resistance. It was the epic end point of a multi-part match, in which Sevilla were better for 30 minutes, then were overtaken by Valladolid and deserved the draw for their final push. Perhaps because he tried so wildly, he found the tie in this action that is seen so little on the playing fields. Bono, like Palop, rescued his team. One more sample of the magic that sometimes accompanies this Seville. Those of Lopetegui are not there to fight for the title, but they recovered a point that seats them in fourth place. Bono’s unexpected goal does frustrate Valladolid, who had the game won thanks to a huge effort, based on the great work of their centrals and their midfield players. Sevilla pressed the final stretch and De Jong had two good chances to tie. Bono did it when nobody expected it. This Sevilla, without a doubt, has magic and rescues matches when no one expects it. Valladolid had a play left over and, perhaps, too many minutes behind, although they made a commendable effort defending the 1-0.

Lopetegui, however, many times wishes that too many things do not happen in the development of the games. It is assumed that, at a certain moment, an opponent’s error or a proper hit in a quality whiplash paves the way to victory. It also happens that this can happen the other way around. Sevilla came out plugged in Valladolid, playing the ball well, exercising a dominance protected by the touch of Óliver Torres and Suso, but conceded a penalty and Valladolid took the lead at the edge of the break. Orellana beat Bono and Sevilla had only disturbed Roberto in a shot from Papu five minutes into the game. Lopetegui’s team had to put one more gear to alter the course of the game in the second half.

The Sevilla coach ordered a defense of three centrals and Ocampos and Acuña occupied the wings. The Andalusians took control of the game clearly, although without creating too many chances to score against a very organized rival. The locals were defending their treasure well, with enormous work from their centrals and a well understood aggressiveness in the center of the field. Sevilla, little by little, was putting Valladolid in their field, thanks to the entry of players like Rakitic and De Jong. As the end approached, Sevilla’s chances were coming. De Jong sent a cross from Ocampos to the post with everything in his favor and then he also finished off with his head another ball from Suso that came very close to Roberto’s goal. Sevilla found a reward for their insistence on the last play of the game. It was a somewhat bizarre action, with the ball going over the baseline until En-Nesyri touched back. Bono appeared with a great shot with his left leg to achieve a very important point. That wasn’t written on Lopetegui’s board, but it feels so good …

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