Militao’s controversial penalty at Real Madrid – Sevilla: what does the rule say about hands since this season?

Militao's hand at Real Madrid - Sevilla

The tie between Real Madrid Y Seville The key moment was an action in the second half: a penalty.

From being in favor of the white team, it became that of the Andalusian by the work and grace of the referee Martinez Munuera and from VAR, which warned that in the previous play Militao he had touched the ball with his arm on a clearance from a corner.

The Brazilian touched the ball with his shoulder, but it was not voluntary. He was on his back, the ball bounced to him and it was in a totally natural jump, but even so a maximum penalty was called. This same action would not have been hand the previous season, since for this the regulations were modified.

On circular 3 sent by the RFEF to all teams and to the Referees Technical Committee for the 2020/2021 season, it is specified that, “as a general rule, the player who touches the ball with his hand or arm will commit an offense when:

The VOR room made the decision following the first point. Militao’s arm is extended and, therefore, they understand that the footballer’s body takes up more space. Although the unnaturalness concept it can be in question and is totally subjective (Militao could not make his shoulder disappear, which is where it bounces), the referees consider that this maxim is fulfilled.

This same explanation was given by Munuera Montero to Zinedine Zidane after the meeting, but the Frenchman was not convinced. “I don’t understand anything. If there is a Militao hand, it is Sevilla’s hand as well. I was not convinced by what he told me. I never speak of a referee, but today I am angry, “he admitted.

The inconsistency in the decisions is what bothers Zidane and, in general, Real Madrid. The same action may or may not be whistled depending on which referee or even which teams are affected, something that goes beyond what that circular 3 says. “It will not be clarified now and that is what bothers me,” insisted the French coach.

It is not the first time that doubts about the hands appear in a match of the Real Madrid. In the derby against him Athletic March there was already a controversial play, with Hernandez Hernandez like braid. In that case, Felipe committed hand and prevented Casemiro was finished in the mouth of the goal: it was not called as a penalty.

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