Miguel Gutiérrez, the last entry in Zidane’s notebook to solve the ballot with Marcelo

Miguel Gutiérrez and Benzema, during Granada - Real Madrid

The Real Madrid he is still alive in the fight for the league title, but he reaches the end of the Grand Prix without gasoline, without wheels and with the car full of blows. The more than 50 injuries that has suffered this season, for which the club’s medical services will have to respond, in addition to the coronavirus and parallel issues such as the future of Sergio Ramos they have forced Zidane to throw themselves into the arms of the homegrown players. One of them already points very far: Miguel Gutierrez.

Before him grenade showed that he is capable of earning his place in the first team, if not as a starter, but as a substitute for guarantees for Ferland mendy and especially for a Marcelo who goes downhill and without brakes. Quick left side, with vision and safety behindHe has a self-confidence and courage that can take him very far. Proof of this is the attendance without looking ‘a la Laudrup’ to Luka modric that opened the scoreboard.

The left-back of Castilla was already one of the soldiers of Raul, with whom won the Youth League in 2020. The mythical white ‘7’ enhanced the figure of this Madrid native, who was already on the agenda of many greats. Although it started in the quarry of the GetafeAt just 10 years old, he caught the attention of Valdebebas and since then he has been burning stages in the white club.

His physical conditions and his speed made those responsible for the Madrid quarry pamper him and take care of him, especially since he was already receiving siren songs from outside.

It was rumored that José Mourinho himself had asked for him to take him to Manchester United in 2017, but Gutiérrez, then 16 years old, preferred to stay to complete his academic and football training. His patience was rewarded: in 2019 he was called up by the first team for the preseason and made his debut in the Audi Cup against Fenerbahçe to replace Mendy: thus he became the first footballer born in the 21st century to play a match with the first team of Real Madrid.

The injuries of the ‘greats’ have boosted the first team, and after making his debut against Cádiz from the bench, he started against Granada. Wonders are already being spoken about him, and above all they see him as a perfect solution to the situation they are going through with Marcelo. The Brazilian is not nor the shadow of what was, considered the best left back in the world at the time, and little by little he has been losing prominence in favor of Mendy, right now the benchmark. At his side, Gutiérrez can finish enhancing his many virtues. For this reason, Zidane has written it down in his notebook, tablet, folder or whatever he uses.

At the international level it is also in an upward progression. Fixed in the sub19, Luis de la Fuente has you on the agenda for Olympic Games and the sub21 and sooner rather than later it will end up in the orbit of the absolute under the command of Luis Enrique.

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