Míchel: “I have come here to stay a long time”

Míchel Sánchez continues one more week looking for the formula for your team to start finding the results it’s missing and tomorrow, against Huesca, Girona will have a new chance.

“We need a victory, we need to score three points and it would be excellent to be able to do it with our people tomorrow in Montilivi. We are in a very complicated moment, a difficult situation and that is why victory is essential ”, declared Míchel, who feels that “in a delicate situation is when there can be no ruptures. Tomorrow no one will be able to reproach us for not having attitude, enthusiasm and desire ”.

The Madrid coach, who You will not be able to count on Juncà and that you have the doubts of Ramon Terrats and Stuani, he is aware of the moment his team lives. “The management is easy, we are doing things well, but we have many things to change and improve. It would be a bit silly to see that what I want is not working and to do nothing to turn this around. We have the handicap of scoring chances, we know the problem and we are working to solve it ”, he indicated.

Without mincing words, Míchel Sánchez did not hesitate to send a clear message to some of his players. “In difficult moments is when the important players have to step up. We must point them out and hold them accountable. Borja has to do it. We need his best version just like Samu and Stuani”, He declared before insisting on the idea that“ we have to get out of this by demanding ourselves to the maximum at the individual level, for the benefit of the collective. Go all at high pressure, get all of us to make the exit of the ball and everything that touches.

Calm with your situation

Despite taking eight points in nine games, at the club no one doubts the coach’s ability, who is calm about his future. “I have come here to stay a long time”, The Madrilenian said between some shy laugh, who continued saying that “I work with all the illusion so that things go well and now everything is bad. My wish is to be where I am, ”he explained.

The keys to the game against Huesca

“Huesca is the team in the League that steals the most balls in the opposite field and this will force us to make the best ball out of the season. They are the team with the most possession in the League and we will have to be very intense and demanding to steal the ball and control the game, “he concluded.

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