Michael Rummenigge: “Bierhoff should have resigned too”

Michael Rummenigge would like a complete change in the leadership of the DFB team after the EURO in summer, the announced resignation of Joachim Löw is not enough for the ex-national player.

“For a consistent new beginning, in my opinion, Oliver Bierhoff would have had to resign – if only to cut off old clans,” wrote Rummenigge in his column for the Editorial network Germany.

Rummenigge openly attacked Bierhoff, director of national teams at the DFB: “I almost have to laugh when I hear that he is entrusted with finding a successor to Löw. The fact that he is apparently also thinking of Stefan Kuntz, to whom I – with all the appreciation – not trusting this office shows that the search would have to be done by someone else. “

The former professional from Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund brought a new candidate for Löw’s successor into play: Miroslav Klose. “He was a world star as a player and is also a great guy. He has not yet worked at the very highest level as a coach, but as you can hear, he did a great job in the Bayern youth team and as an assistant coach,” wrote the 57-year-old .

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