Metzelder confesses to child pornography charges and apologizes to victims

Christoph Metzelder, in his presentation with Real Madrid.

The former German international and former player of the Real Madrid Christoph Metzelder today confessed to having shared 18 files with child and youth pornography on the internet, while apologizing to the victims of sexual abuse.

“I will accept the sentence and I apologize to the victims of sexual violence. I will carry all my life with the guilt of having caused this evil to society“, said the defendant, at the first hearing of the trial brought against him on those charges.

He also pleaded partially guilty to the charges against him -that is, the possession and exchange of 18 files-, although not of the 300 contemplated by the Prosecutor’s Office.

The penalty contemplated by the Administrative Court of Düsseldorf (west) for a confession in this regard was between ten to twelve months of probation.

Metzelder appeared this Thursday for the first time before the German court to answer the charges of possession and exchange of juvenile pornography, among them images of sexual abuse of a girl.

In the reading of the charges against the former player, the prosecution included details about one of the cases, in August 2019, in which shared images of abuse of a ten-year-old girl on successive daysreports the regional public television WDR.

The 40-year-old former player’s initial statement focused on the start of sight in your career as a professional, his commitment to different social projects, as well as the public recognition obtained both in the field of football and in the private sphere.

He did not pronounce then on the charges against him, although he insisted that since September 2019 he has been retired and concentrated in private. After a pause in the hearing, his statement was resumed, which was followed by a partial confession.

The process takes place in the Administrative Court of Düsseldorf (west of the country) and there are three hearings scheduled until May 10.

Initially, the identity of the former player was not made public. But Media such as the tabloid daily “Bild” spread the case citing him as a suspect, while the main implicated is a woman, with whom he apparently shared those files.

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