Messi’s ugly Koeman in full storm for his future: has he sentenced him?

Koeman and Messi, at Barcelona - Celta

The FC Barcelona will bid farewell to the 2020/21 season with a new Copa del Rey in their windows, but without the jackpots. Neither Champions nor League will be yours after the Celtic endorse them a final corrective that hinted the laziness of the Blaugrana club to play the last bullet.

One of the most missing was, precisely, the one that the team maintains: Leo Messi. The Argentine could hardly do more than ask his teammates for more enthusiasm in each goal of Santi Mina, but it was not enough.

What he did leave behind is an image that, being who he is, has been read as a sentence to the coach. When the game was over, he went head down to the dressing room, and on the way he ran into Ronald Koeman, who was greeting all his players. The captain didn’t even look up: He passed by the coach as trains pass by cows and he did not flinch. The technician could barely pat him on the shoulder so as not to look like a statue.

The most surprising thing is that, immediately afterwards, he hugged himself with the ‘Chacho’ Coudet, Celta coach and his compatriot.

Although this gesture did not go unnoticed, Koeman insisted at the press conference on the importance of Messi follow next year … although it is he himself who has more chances of not continuing and that the Argentine is trained by another.

“We hope he does not (leave). He is still the best player in the world. He has shown today that it is impossible to play without him, because he has scored 30 goals. These goals have given this team many points for many years. We hope he continues, because if we are not going to have Leo, we have doubts as to who is going to score so many goals“warned the Dutchman.

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