Messi’s surroundings, angered by the leak of Barcelona’s unusual renewal offer

Leo Messi against Celta.

Joan Laporta wants to tie Leo Messi in the long run, and that not only implies that he is a footballer, but more. For this reason, he has tested him with a renewal offer so that he remains linked to Barcelona for ten years, well beyond when he stops defending the elastic Blaugrana in the field.

According to TV3, Laporta has suggested to Messi that those ten years be divided into three stages: two years in the same role as now, three more like ambassador of the club in the United States while he plays (if he wants) in some team of the MLS Y other five within the Barcelona football sports area, but in the offices. This leak it has not done anything good to the environment of the Blaugrana captain, who has denied that exists to ‘El Periódico’. “There is no official offer from the club”, they point, upset that this news has seen the light.

Joan Laporta will give a press conference this friday, where he will take stock of his first months at the head of the team and will have to answer questions about the future, with Messi in the center, in addition to what is going to happen with the coach, since everything indicates that Ronald Koeman will not follow.

TV3 points out that this offer to the captain must be confirmed once the external audit reports requested by Laporta as soon as he arrives and that they are more late than expected are submitted.

Messi ends his contract on June 30, and Laporta does not want to rush until the end, aware that the footballer is already more receptive to staying at Barcelona than before his arrival. The footballer is in Argentina, where he has already started his vacation, with his family.

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