Messi ‘signs’ to Agüero

Agüero, in his presentation at the Camp Nou.

“And in the meantime, I’m going to call Leo.” Sergio Kun Agüero, child prodigy (youngest player to debut in the First Division of Argentine football with 15 years, one month and three days), excellent scorer (top scorer in the history of Manchester City, 260 goals), is now also a charismatic streamer. Live on his Twitch channel, he picked up the phone and the voice of Lionel Messi appeared on the other end. “What’s up pa?” Asked Kun. “Good, vo. I was waiting for you. Boludo, you’re getting famous. Are they listening to me? ”, Answered the Barcelona captain. The conversation, uncomplexed and quite natural, close and even funny, happened in May 2020. There are few people who can relax Messi like Kun does. The friendship, which was forged in the Argentine national team, could be strengthened at the Camp Nou. Agüero already gave the yes and this Monday he was presented as a new forward for Barcelona. Now we need to know what Messi will do and if he renews his contract.

Agüero, who will turn 33 this Wednesday, became the first reinforcement of the second stage of Joan Laporta in the presidency of Barça. It was precisely the president, together with the football director, Mateu Alemany, who led the signing of the Argentine, whose contract with Manchester City was ending this season. “We said that joy was going to return to Barcelona and joy is goals,” Laporta started. It rang For a head of Carlos Gardel. But Gardel was a Racing fan and Agüero is from Independiente, the rival. Kun signs for two seasons, his clause will be 100 million and will have a salary close to five million net. “It is a very good signing, which is made with very favorable economic conditions for the current situation of the club,” they celebrate at the Ciudad Deportiva. “He agreed to have a contract with many variables, which means that he is a very confident player,” said Alemany.

But the arrival of Agüero is much more than a zero-cost signing or the incorporation of an elite striker, capable of tolerating a secondary role – ”he is a good person, who makes a group. It will not bring any problems in the wardrobe. On the contrary, ”they say in the technical area. Agüero is Laporta’s hook to retain Messi. “The signing of Kun is for Kun. He is an exceptional player. Obviously, we want Leo to stay, ”Laporta said. “As a boy I thought, one day they will notice me. Barça is the most important club in the world and, in addition, there is Leo ”, added Agüero. In the summer of 2014, when Andoni Zubizarreta, then Barcelona’s sports director, was looking for a 9, Messi had been excited to join Agüero at the Camp Nou. Barça signed Luis Suárez. He did not like it, nor had he been convinced by the arrival of Neymar in 2013. It turns out that the three became great friends, neither of them, however, overshadowed Agüero. A relationship linked to childhood dreams, cooked within the Argentine team.

Messi remembers the first time he saw Agüero on television. It was 2003, he was on vacation in Argentina and the narrator of the match between Independiente and San Lorenzo commented: “He is the youngest player who has made his debut in Argentine football.” “That moment stayed with me forever. Not so much his face or his name, which I had a hard time retaining. But because being so young he took a huge step in football, the same one that I had imagined so many times, ”said Messi.

Two years later (2005) they found themselves in the U-20. “What is your name?” Aguero let out with an innocence that he retains. “Then I saw him train and I realized how good he was. In the end, they put us in the room together, ”recalls Kun.

“When there is no sports psychologist, the tendency to group players is by positions on the field, five with eight, 9 with 11; or by moods, the sad with the happy, the introvert with the extrovert. Basic patterns that sometimes work. But when there is already a professional, who knows the profiles of footballers and who carried out scientific tests to build the SWOT of each player, other things can be proposed. I understood that the best thing was to join Messi and Agüero, the two youngest on the squad. They had similar personalities and they liked similar things like playing Play ”, says, without violating professional secrecy, Marcelo Roffé, sports psychologist with the AFA from 2000 to 2006.

However, a curious thing happened. When the national team coach, Pancho Ferraro, sang the rooms, everyone agreed. The Kun, happy; Messi, no. “Leo expected to sleep with Zabaleta, with Garay, with Gago, or with one of the heavyweights,” recalls Roffé. “What’s wrong, Leo?” Ferraro asked him in solitude; “trust us. Try two days, if you don’t like it, we’ll change your room ”. They never parted again. “The small companies that Menotti talks about”, concludes the sports psychologist.

Agüero is Argentina’s third top scorer. He has scored 42 goals. His biggest assistant is Messi, nine. Agüero is also the one who has given the most goal passes to 10, five. “Let’s hope to play together. But what happens with Leo, are decisions that he will make with the club. I think it will continue. I talk to Leo every day. But I can’t say what we talked about. Being able to train with him every day will be a dream, “Aguero closed before meeting Messi again in a room on the Ezeiza grounds.

His wish is that this friendship also continues at the Camp Nou.

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