Messi explodes against some fans who harassed him in his car: “You can’t spend the day breaking your balls”

Messi, in his car

The images of the fans waiting for the players at the exit from training sessions or games to try to get an autograph or get photographed with their idols. They have less and less scruples with footballers, in a practice that it can even be dangerous causing a possible accident, and they drive footballers more and more mad.

In this case, the protagonist has been none other than Leo Messi that practically every day when he leaves the FC Barcelona facilities, it is besieged in his car by amateurs who glue their cell phones to the vehicle’s windows looking for a photo or video of ’10’.

However, this time Messi got fed up with this harassment and he wanted to ask the young people who surrounded his vehicle for explanations, showing himself visibly angry. “Why do you always want the same videos if you already have a lot of videos?“, he asked annoyed.

You can’t spend all day breaking balls. Does it seem normal to you to always do the same thing?“, insisted the captain.”Sorry, leo“The fans repeated over and over again in an embarrassed tone.

Social networks already had the controversy served, with numerous users criticizing Messi’s reaction to considering him as an important public personality. Nevertheless, The vast majority of the comments charged against the fans and agreed with the Argentine, which has always been characterized by its temperance.

How hard is it that Messi gets angry with you“or”That happens to me and I leave the country crying“, some wrote, remembering the calm character of Messi who had rarely seen him so upset.

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