Memes and laughter for the creation of the Super League: “Champions League Final 2024, Levante – Aston Villa”

Cristiano and Messi, with the Betis shirt

The arrival of the Superliga in the lives of football fans has received a lot of criticism, analysis, and of course memes and humor.

Many fans used the networks to make fun of the new project that head 12 of the main European teams (except the French and the Germans), between the fear that this is going to be the end of football as it is known now and those who, on the contrary, see it as great news.

Some of the users already dream of seeing a Champions League final between the Aston Villa and Levante, or they joke with what the teams are going to be called in case of a possible sanction. Of course, Florentino Pérez He is one of the main focuses of the assemblies, since he will be the ‘Super President’ from now on.

The ‘hashtag’ Superliga On twitter it is pure gold to find a more casual analysis of this controversial tournament.

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