McLaren stays with his phenomenon, Lando Norris

Lando Norris, during the press conference of the last Spanish GP.

McLaren this week secured the continuity of one of the most popular members of the grid; a rider who, in addition to being fast, has a special mimicry, especially with the younger crowd, that segment so coveted by brands. Lando Norris, 21 years old, two podiums and two fastest laps in his short service record, will continue wearing several more courses in McLaren’s papaya jumpsuit, even though this weekend, on the occasion of the Monaco Grand Prix, he will wear a decoration special, with the base of the car in light blue, in a nod to one of its sponsors. The Woking company announced this Wednesday, in the preview of the most anticipated event by fans, the renewal of the contract for its diamond in the rough, one of the brokers with the best bill.

“I am delighted to have extended my relationship with McLaren, beyond 2022,” said the Briton, whose agreement expired in December and has now been extended without specifying the new expiration date. “I have been with the team for almost five years – the first two in their training stage – and I couldn’t imagine starting the next phase of my career anywhere else. McLaren has supported me from the lower ranks. My goal is clear: to win races and be world champion ”, added Norris, who at the gates of the fifth stop on the calendar is fourth in the general classification, only behind Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen and Valtteri Bottas, and despite to have a car proven more limited than the Mercedes and Red Bull.

“With Lando and Daniel we have a very attractive and talented line-up. This announcement is a sign of his great commitment to the next McLaren chapter, beyond 2022, ”said Andreas Seidl, the team principal.

McLaren runs on an upward trajectory like that of the Somerset boy, who finished 11th in his first year in F1 (2019) and ninth in his second (2020). Unless an unlikely catastrophe is unleashed if we consider that most structures are already concentrating their efforts in 2022, the fashionable boy of the paddock It should now fight to finish this 2021 in the top five, an ambitious but realistic goal at the same time, feasible because of the potential that the MCL35M has exhibited so far.

In the private duel he has with Daniel Ricciardo, his newcomer from the garage after Carlos Sainz left for Ferrari, Norris dominates three to one in the races, the same proportion in favor of Ricciardo in the timed. Waiting to see what the Australian is capable of when he has the car closer to hand, with his partner McLaren phenomena he has ensured the show both on and off the track.

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