Mbappé conditions Vinicius

The map that Real Madrid has drawn towards a superstar like Mbappe will have to be redrawn because now there is another one in the making, Vinicius Junior. The Brazilian’s explosive growth this season raises a legitimate debate about who should be the left wing of the offensive trident next season. A Mbappé that will land as a galactic signing or this Vinicius in line to finally break into crack?

Madrid and Ancelotti will have to deal with a somewhat unexpected situation. The arrival of Mbappé was planned by his talent, his planetary projection and to correct the failed (so far) signing of Eden Hazard. He fit like a glove on that left wing that the Belgian has failed to manage. But in the transition between verifying that Hazard seems to be a definitively seized engine and the arrival of the French crack, Vinicius has taken over the party. Kiev, the Classic and the second double in ten days, last Saturday at the Martínez Valero.

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First, Vini He has earned the respect of his teammates (Modric was outlined to look for him quickly in the 0-2 at Elche because they had spoken about it before the game) and the public confidence of his coach by increasing his benefits. Not only in goals (nine). Too has become the great influencer football player of this Real Madrid 2021-22. In addition to being the team’s second scorer, with nine goals (Mbappé has six, by the way), he is the one who has done the most dribbling (48), passes successfully to create scoring chances (12) and he has also applied something that Zidane asked him insistently and now he claims Carletto. It is the most effective in high blood pressure. He is the best madridista recuperator in the last quarter of the pitch, with eight this season. Much is the fourth with the most defensive duels won (26). This Vinicius curra, and a lot.

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The data of Vinicius and Mbappé this campaign.

Mbappé left the right a long time ago

To the north, in Paris, the reality is that, although Mbappé can develop in the three attacking positions of a 4-3-3 to use, for three seasons, Tuchel and Pochettino preferred him predominantly on the left wing. The data attest to it.

This season, Kylian has played in 14 games for PSG and never on the right wing. He has done it 12 times in a point and the other two, on the left, the Vini area. If we go further back, last year in 47 games, only four were on the right wing. In the previous one, three in 37 games with the Parisian jersey. You have to go back to 2018-19 to really see him on the right flank. There, when he was not the spearhead he acted he played eight times as a right-handed end and only two times as a left-handed end. What’s more, making Mbappé move doesn’t seem like the best solution to keep a megastar happy for which Madrid has fought so much …

A solution could be to move Mbappé to the right wing, but he has not played there regularly since 2018-19.

This Vinicius who is being indisputable in Real Madrid is getting it from his favorite band, the left. Zidane already tried with him a transition from the Brazilian to the other side … and it did not work. In Real Madrid 2022-23, once the arrival of Mbappé is consumed and while the splendid state of Benzema prevents putting Kylian from nine, Madrid and Ancelotti are going to have to solve a Rubik’s cube on the white front.

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